Historical timeline


The start

The start

Mr. Robertson set up family business of carrying out cargo lashing, supply  riggers, ship wrights, cleaning boilers and quarters and descaling of decking on ships in London Docklands – the company was then based in Fenchurch Street.


Reserved occupation

Between 1939 and 1945 Marine and Commercial Services labour force including Mr. Robertson’s 13 children who all worked for the company fell under  reserved occupation, during WW2 they were used as “run crews” on ship whilst the actual crew were on leave.


Bert Robertson

Bert Robertson one of Mr. Robertson’s children took over the running of the business following his father’s death


Becoming a limited company

Marine and Commercial Services became a Limited company and under the guidance of Bert Robertson started to diversify the business to work on land based boilers.


Continued expansion

Continued expansion

Between 1951 and 1970 Marine and Commercial continued to expand into commercial heating services within the City of London carrying out boiler and tank cleaning, whilst working on cleaning ships boiler in their docking period along with expanding its core business of cargo lashing, container lashing and maintenanceThe company also developed a strong working relationship supplying labour, riggers and shore gangs to the docks for company’s such as Blundell & Crompton, Port of London Authority


Move to East India Dock Road

Move to East India Dock Road

Due to Marine and Commercial continued to expand into commercial heating services within the City of London carrying out boiler and tank cleaning, whilst working on cleaning ships boiler in their docking period along with expanding its core business of cargo lashing, container lashing and maintenanceThe company also developed a strong working relationship supplying labour, riggers and shore gangs to the docks for company’s such as Blundell & Crompton, Port of London Authority


Ted Grad joins

Ted Grad joined Maracom with a dedicated target of expanding the business within the industrial heating and steam boiler installation and maintenance.


MBO completed

Ted Grad completed the management buyout of Marine and Commercial Services becoming the sole owner.

Increased staffing

Between 1981 and 1985, under the guidance of the new owner the company significantly increased its staffing levels and turnover and started to specialist in combustion works as well as building and developing the commercial boiler installations for Hospitals and local authorities. This really was the start of what we know of as Marine and Commercial Services today.


Move to Marine House

Move to Marine House

Due to the company’s expansion it found it could no longer operate out of its currents premises as it needed a workshop as well as larger offices to service its ever increasing client base such as McVities, Tate and Lyle, Pickford and the National Film Theatre and moved to Marine House, St. Anne’ Row in Limehouse. The Mayor of Tower Hamlets opened the premises on the 7th April 1986.


Back to serving London Docks

The company was successful in tendering the Marine Labour Contract for the London Docklands Development Corporation and was awarded the contract in early spring and what to be mobilised by the summer. The contract increased the company staff by 15 and brought the company a full circle to serve the London Docks again.


Bespoke job costing programme

The company in conjunction with Miles Consulting developed and implements it bespoke job costing programme.


Maracom Calorifer

Maracom Calorifer

The company designed and installed the “Maracom Calorifier” for McVities to liquidly the fat in the biscuit process. These units were installed in Harlesden and Manchester on the Digestive biscuit and Jaffa processing plant.

Boats ahoy

The company again tendered successfully for another contract to supply Marine Labour to the London Docklands Development Corporation, this again increase company staff and turnover employing 20 Waterman and Lighterman. To fulfil the contract the company purchase two boats; Crackerjack and Oddjob

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

The company was certificated to ISO 9001 (formally BS 5750)


London Barge Race winners

London Barge Race winners

The Company competed and won the London Barge Race on the River Thames


New Divisions

As the combustion services was growing rapidly the company separated into three divisions; Installation, Maintenance and Marine.


End of marine labour contracts

The marine labour contracts came to an end.

Focus on commercial heating services

Between 1996 and 2000, the company concentrated again on developing and building its commercial heating services increasing combustion staff within the Maintenance making it one of the largest team of combustion engineers within the south east of England. The installation team continued to complete projects for its increasing client base.


Change of name

Change of name

The directors of the company decided as the company’s core business is now completely ingrained within the commercial heating division they decided on a name change, still wanting to keep in touch with the history the name Maracom Limited was born from a combination of Marine and Commercial

Move to Bow Common Lane

Due to increasing expansion Maracom Limited moved again to Bow Common Lane, much large premises both office and workshop


East of Guildhall

East of Guildhall

The company was awarded the East of Guildhall maintenance contract by the Corporation of London


New acquisitions

Maracom purchased Boiler Maintenance Limited, this along with the acquisition of RBB Refractory Limited in 2004 provided a sound and structured base of highly skilled operatives enabling out clients to benefit from the expertise and knowledge.


New contracts

New contracts

After the successful purchase of Boiler Maintenance and RBB Refractory Maracom continued it growth, being awarded various contracts such as the maintenance contracts for the Metropolitan police sites, The Royal Household, Addenbrooks Incinerators refractory repairs, Boiler installations for the Landmark Hotel, Savoy Group, Hilton Hotels between 2004 and 2008


Cantabrigia Investments Limited

Having worked at Maracom since 1971, Ted Grad felt it was time to retire and sold the Company to Cantabrigia Investments Limited. This brought fresh new leadership and impetus to the company to continue delivering a high quality customer focused service at an affordable price, on time and in budget


Royal Warrant

Royal Warrant

Maracom was awarded after five years of exemplary service to the Royal Household on behalf of HM the Queen the Royal Warrant for heating services.

Electronic reporting system

Maracom implemented a bespoke real time electronic reporting system; the system developed in-house facilitates real time reporting processes between Maracom’s management and admin team and our engineers as well as between Maracom and our clients.


Maracom competed in the Royal Warrant Holder 5 A side football competition, having reached the final Maracom lost on penalties


First design and build

In 2011-2012 Maracom successfully tender its first design and build contract for a district heating system including CHP, boiler, ancillary plant and controls for a new build housing project in East London, at this time this was Maracom’s largest single plant room contract


London 2012

London 2012

After receiving a very strange email asking if we could quote for gas pipe to be installed 50m due north and 75 meters due south with no other information, Maracom was awarded the contract to install the gas pipework to the Olympic Flame, The brief was to design, install, test and maintain the gas pipe work supplying the flame. The design was quite an intricate one as there were numerous hurdles to overcome; the gas pipework route was to run under the staging area (an enclosed space) throughout the opening ceremony. The contract included lighting of the flame and manning it 24 hours per day throughout the Olympic Games.

Move to Castle Wharf

Maracom moved again to Castle Wharf with facility a much larger workshop to facilitate the business requirements.

More Olympics

Maracom also tendered successfully for the contract to design and build 3 no. 2.5mW self-contained plug and play mobile plant rooms to support the energy centre throughout the Olympics, each mobile plant room had to be  fully self-contained; with its own boiler, power generator, oil tank, flexible gas connections and controls.


Rowley Estate

Rowley Estate

Maracom was awarded the contract to replace the boilers at Rowley Way Estate NW8, at the time of being build it was the largest council estate in Europe, in 1993 it was awarded grade II listing which proved all the more difficult for the contract as everything has to be in keeping with the existing such as the flues has to be made to look old.


Move to Beckton

Maracom moved again to Beckton, East London, taking out a 20 year lease.

More mobile package plantrooms

More mobile package plantrooms

Maracom again successfully tendered to design and build a mobile package plantrooms, this time to support the Greenwich Peninsula development by the 02 Area.


Maracom Supports the NHS during COVID-19 Pandemic

Maracom has proudly worked throughout the Pandemic supporting the emergency services:

  • NHS
  • HM Prisons
  • Educational establishments
  • Fire Brigade
Everybody here at Maracom is very proud to be supporting the NHS, Emergency Responders, TfL, Fire Brigade, Hospitals and other essential services during this time of crisis. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.